Antonina Hendrix won a cruise during the lottery at the charity benefit for retired police dogs. She was a recent widow with grown children. The cruise was for two, so she was at a loss as to who to take.

“I don’t know, if I ask one of my kids the other will feel jealous. I don’t want to play favorites.” She said anxiously to Lord Haversham with whom she went on regular walks every day at six p.m. It was good exercise and it gave them a means to catch up on the happenings in the village.

“Well, personally I don’t think you should take the kids. This is your chance to adventure a little. Why not go with a romantic partner?”

Antonina laughed, “And where would I get such a thing?”

“There are excellent escort services from whom you can hire a companion.”

“You don’t say. I don’t suppose you know how to get in touch with one?” she asked, arms folded demurely behind her back.

Antonina had been happily married to Simon Hendrix for twenty five years. But now he was dead and she was free to try new things. So when the agency staffer asked her what she was looking for she took a deep breath and went for broke.

“I would like a woman in her early forties, tall, short hair, adventurous spirit.” She said.

“And you said you would like her to accompany you on a cruise?”

“Yes I would.”

“Alright then. We shall have a list of suitable candidates for you to meet by tomorrow.”

The London escort she chose was gorgeous. Tall, athletic with an open smile. Antonina couldn’t wait to meet her in person. They were scheduled to have a preliminary meeting at her house tonight and Antonina was not afraid to admit she was nervous as hell. She dismissed the servants for the evening so that there was no one to witness their first meeting.

Christine walked through the door and promptly smiled at Antonina. She walked up to her at once and leaned in, and planted her lips on the older woman’s. Antonina froze, not knowing how to react for a minute. Her lips parted of their own volition and Christine’s tongue was in her mouth, exploring gently.

It was different than kissing a man. Where she was used to rough skin, Christine’s was smooth and soft. Antonina leaned into it, surrendering to sensation. This cruise was going to be interesting.

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