Couples’ Night In

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The moon was already out, sending ripples of silver rays through the sky. London was filled with the late-night bustle of people commuting to and fro, returning from a long day’s work, going out for some other purpose, or exploring the city in its evening splendour.

A terraced house stood in one of London’s quiet residential areas, removed from the commotion. Here, Ella and her husband, John, dined with their friends, Neville and his wife, Martha. They had been invited over by Neville, so the two couples could hang out for the night.

John had suggested they go further. Neville and his wife agreed.

Ella giggled, the others laughing as Neville humoured them with another joke. John tapped his glass of champagne, and silence filled the air.

“To a wonderful night and many more to come,” he said, winking at everyone.

Ella flushed. She had caught his message.

They all lifted their glasses and downed the contents.

Neville walked over to the sound system. He connected the system to his laptop and played ‘Tonight’s The Night’ by Rod Stewart.

Martha got up to dance, joined by Ella. She wrapped her arms around Ella’s waist, and they swayed to the rhythm of the song. As they danced, Martha took in the other woman’s features.

Ella was a pretty woman with emerald-green eyes, and a stunning hourglass figure. She wore a short, blue dress that swished as she danced.

Her gaze met Martha’s, and she closed her eyes, parting her lips. Their lips met, their tongues sliding around each other’s.

John whistled, clapping.

“Fuck, yeah,” Neville said, leaning back on an armchair nearby.

Martha’s hands caressed Ella, exploring her with her fingers. She copped a feel of her breasts through her turtleneck sweater, teasing her hard nipples with slight pinches. Ella moaned into Martha’s mouth.

She worked her way underneath Ella’s dress, feeling the soft skin of her ass. After fondling, she lifted the dress over Ella’s shoulders, breaking their kiss. She turned to undress and found Neville with his cock out, jerking off.

“Hope you don’t mind. You two are fucking hot, sucking each other’s tongues like that,” he said, grinning.

“Just don’t blow off all your load without leaving some for us,” she responded.

She stripped off her turtleneck, her boobs bouncing as she wore nothing underneath. She got her jean pants off as well. There was nothing else on her. Neville whistled at the sight.

“Now someone’s a naughty girl,” John said, unbuttoning his shirt.

Ella giggled. She didn’t bother with underwear, as she wouldn’t need them.

Stripped nude, she turned to Martha. Her breath lodged in her throat.

With full, perky tits, wide hips and a round ass, Martha’s figure couldn’t have been any sexier. Her lips returned to Martha’s. Weaving her hand into Martha’s hair, Ella drew her closer, sucking on her soft full lips.

The two women, caught in the sweeping tide of arousal, their tongues intertwined around each other’s, lowered themselves onto the rug.

“Mind if I come in?” John asked, looming over them.

A wicked smile curved his lips. Not waiting for an answer, he went behind them and bent over. He rubbed one hand over Martha’s pussy, jerking off with the other. Martha broke off from her kiss with Ella, a breathless moan escaping her mouth.

Neville undressed with haste and then dropped to his knees. His hard cock dove in between Ella’s open, waiting lips. He gripped her breasts, his hips swinging back and forth, pushing deeper into her mouth.

Ella, hazy with lust, clenched Neville’s butt with her hands, pulling him closer. His cock went deeper into her mouth, touching the base of her throat.

Martha lay beside Ella. John’s mouth now caressed her pussy, his lips and tongue making splashing noises as he lapped up the wetness of her cunt.

Neville, still plunging his cock into Ella’s mouth, lay down beside her, parting her legs and shifting so his mouth hovered above her pussy. He dug his mouth into her cunt, and she wrapped her lips around his head. He moved his tongue insider her so quickly that she shivered as a tingling sensation swept through her nerves.

John stopped licking Martha’s pussy, adjusting his position so he could tease her opening with the head of his cock.

“Fuck, stick your cock in me! I’m so fucking horny I can’t stand it!” she said.

John, without hesitation, drove his entire length deep into her with one thrust. She arched her back, her hands caressing her breasts. He began to move, his pace increasing as a rhythm built. She brought her legs up to wrap them around his butt.

Neville lay on the rug. Ella sat on him, positioning her cunt atop his erect cock. His fingers on her hips, he pulled her down, shoving his cock’s entire length deep inside her.

Ella trembled, gripped by her climax. Neville began to move in and out of her in a slow, sensual motion. His hands roamed about her naked body, slippery with sweat.Neville’s thrusts increased in their intensity. With every movement he made, Ella’s whole body jerked from the force. With thick fingers, he rubbed her sensitive clit, eliciting throaty moans from her.

John’s movement peaked. His cock made wet slurpy sounds as it slipped in and out of Martha’s dripping cunt. Without warning, Neville pushed Ella over. He lifted her legs, holding them in place with his toned, muscular arms, and thrust inside her.

Ella linked her fingers with Martha’s. They faced each other, their lips locked in a kiss. Ella gasped as an overwhelming sensation moved through her body, shaking her to her core.

Neville grunted, clenching his teeth. He pulled out of her, his cum landing on her body, which glistened with sweat.

Martha shuddered as she squirted onto John’s cock. John grabbed her waist, slamming his cock as deep as he could into her, shooting his load. His cum dripped from her cunt as he pulled out.

“Fuck, that was good,” John said, lying down.

“I can’t wait for my other hole to be fucked,” Martha said, “and it’s a good thing we have a lot of lubricant upstairs.”

Ella drew in a sharp breath.

The night was far from over.

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